Wedding Gift Wish List

For those of you who joined us in Nicaragua, your presence is your gift to us. But my mom has been bugging me to come up with a wedding gift wish list, so although it’s late in the game, I’m doing it!

We are not at all materialistic, and honestly we have too much stuff already! But there are a few items that we don’t have that we could use. See below:

We’re building a future, we need power tools:
Circular saw ($100)
Planer ($100)
Belt sander ($90)
Router ($120)

We’re building a future, without electricity:
Gas powered generator ($850)
100 watt solar panel system with inverter and battery ($1200)

Sitting on the front porch:
Binoculars- Nikon 10×42 ($150)
Gravity chairs (2 X $50)
BBQ ($200)

Food that’s hard to get here:
Raw nuts- walnuts, almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds
Trader Joe’s dried fruit- berries, cherries, mangoes, ginger

Finally, we are taking a 5 day honeymoon in the Philippines and are going to stay at the Kawayan Resort on Siargao island. The rooms are about $120/night and we are planning to relax and enjoy for 5 nights.

*most of the items can be purchased here (gravity chairs, generator, BBQ), so a cash gift (via paypal to with a note that lets us know what you’d like to get for us would be best.


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