5 Sisters on the Beach

I am lucky to be the oldest of five sisters whose names all start with H. It goes… Holly, Heidi, Hannah, Helina, and Hayla. We are 13 years apart from oldest to youngest, and while we weren’t all super close growing up – the usual silly sister stuff like stealing clothes, fighting over the phone, friends, boys – we are all really close now. When we get together we have a tendency to block out everyone else and completely take over.
I live in Nicaragua, Heidi lives in Spain, Hannah and Helina are still in Southern California, but little miss Hayla is all the way up in Oregon, so it’s rare that all 5 of us are together. We took this opportunity on the beach to take a few photos and revel in our sisterhood.
wedding beach 5 sisters wedding beach 5 sisters smile wedding beach 5 sisters boards wedding beach 5 sisters babas
wedding beach dog play

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